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Become a
Non Smoker

Congratulations you have made a very important decision; you have decided to listen to that inner voice that tells you it’s time to quit.

We at Transform Clinical Hypnotherapy have proven to be a highly successful in stopping smoking for those who are ready to commit.

By using hypnosis to access the subconscious mind, we can dissolve those desires and urges to smoke, then encourage the body to repair itself more speedily, and finally re-program learned habits previously associated with smoking.

Although one session can suffice a minimum of at least 2 sessions is recommended to reinforce your new smoke-free status.

At Transform Clinical Hypnotherapy we provide you with a USB audio to help you relax and reinforce the non-smoking message so can achieve your goal of becoming a non-smoker sooner.

Stress & Anxiety

Our hectic modern lifestyles are prone to high levels of stress and anxiety, which can impact negatively upon sleep patterns, our diets and how we interact with those around us. By using Hypnotherapy to reduce your stress levels, you are dealing with the direct causes within your sub-conscious and how you react to them, rather than simply tinkering around the edges of your conscious reactions.

At Transform Clinical Hypnotherapy, our hypnotherapists provide you tools to access a more resourceful state of mind, we teach you relaxation techniques that help you more easily deal with future situations that may have previously made you anxious and particularly if used in conjunction with our 15 minute downloadable meditation audio to reinforce your new positive persona.

Weight Reduction

Your Right Size, at Transform Clinical hypnotherapy we view our weight reduction program as part of a holistic approach.

Our practitioners will design a tailored strategy that involves dieticians, personal trainers & nutritionist of your choice. You are not alone for we will be there every step of the way, there are many reasons why a person may become overweight; deeper issues that often need to be dealt with first before food choices, portion sizes and exercise are discussed.

Often these issues may not be obvious to our clients; however by accessing the subconscious mind, problems which may have manifested the weight gain can be quickly accessed and then resolved.

By using Hypnosis to explore these issues at a sub-conscious level, it is often not only a person’s body shape and size that benefits but attitudes to food, self-image and motivation change for the positive.

Pre & Post Surgical

Where your mind goes your body will follow so prepare both, for an exceptional surgical experience.

Any surgery big or small is a traumatic experience for the body, studies have shown that patients who use hypnotherapy can experience faster post-op recovery times, require less pain medication, hasten their healing and feel more satisfied with their whole surgical experience.

Gastric Hypno Banding

We are excited to bring hypno banding into our practice. We have developed our own style, through experience, research and training.Often people are dubious about surgery within a theatre situation, therefore this technique alleviates the possible stress actual surgery could inflict.If you are really committed to losing weight then the Hypno-Band could help you achieve your goals. Surgical Gastric Band works by reducing the size of the stomach helping you eat smaller amounts and feeling full, making it possible to lose weight. There are drawbacks however. It is expensive and of course you will need to go through a surgical procedure, which can be problematic, especially to those carrying extra weight. There is post-operative maintenance, often where problems can be rectified, but time consuming. What if the benefits were still there, without the risks OR the costs? By using the Hypno-Banding hypnosis, we create the operation in your subconscious, where you will believe you actually have a Gastric Band fitted! You will eat smaller portions and feel full. The Hypno-Band system is a long term and surgery free solution to your weight problems.We will liaison with your personal trainer/nutritionist to expedite your pathway into a new life of freedom. Freedom from the confines of your overweight mind, free from the comments you dislike so much, free to be the inner person you know you are. Imagine, shopping for clothes YOU want to wear, breathing easier when out on your afternoon stroll, feeling the warmth of the sand between your toes on that next beach holiday, free of covering up your body, free of hiding behind bigger cloths, and free of the old thoughts of “I wouldn’t look any good in that" We will be with you every step of the way, with solutions for any arising situations. What have you got to lose?




Personal Realisation Programming

This type of motivational therapy utilizes imagination and visualization skills to create a new outcome, scene or scenario, it allows the client to feel what it is like to achieve their desired goals.

This is done by visualizing the future and locking in the desired success or achievement. When something can be seen or felt in the future while in hypnosis, it helps to manifest this desired outcome.

The hypnotherapist will use guided imagery or visualization while the client is in a deep relaxed state (hypnosis) and have the client imagine the future and create the desired outcome. The result will have the client see and feels what that experience really feels like by connecting a feeling of elation with his or her goal or desire thus the client is actively motivated to pursue the end game.

You can create a winning future, a happier/healthier more motivated and  self-confident you.

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