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Let me guess, you’ve tried nicotine replacement methods, cold turkey, Zyban, Champix, Nicorette or acupuncture? Most people try it all before they choose the stop smoking hypnotherapy option.


May be successful for a while, but then, days or months you feel the urge to smoke again — and you do, why?


Ditch the Durries program is the best way to stop smoking, because other methods only work on one particular component of the ‘habit’. The nicotine replacements only work on the physical level, the acupuncture on the energy level, the rest you have tried.

Ditch the Durries works on all levels. Rather though hypnotherapy works at all levels, replacing habits with new goals, tailored to you. During the hypnotherapy your goal is achieved on a subconscious level.


The subconscious is where all our beliefs, values, memories and habits are formed. 


Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,


So, a belief becomes a habit in a very short time. Was your belief in smoking cool when you first started? Was it to become one of the “cool kids”, because you were worried about being out of place, not fitting the mould of "cool"? When your old habits are deleted and replaced with new goals, frustrations and withdrawal symptoms can be bypassed, because there’s no internal conflicts or contradictions. That’s how clients manage to quit — for life.


There it is, in a nut shell, simple, honest and conceivable. Dare to be the sweet smelling dish you always wanted to be. (and if you need to look up the slang word ‘dish’, you’re far too young to smoke.)


Which people can?



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