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Michelle's Testimony 2014

Michelle found hypnotherapy after a suggestion from her Doctor. Turned sleepless nights into restful slumber.

Di's Testimony 2014

Di's confidence in the hypnosis was apparent after the first session and was paramount in her achievements, helping with sleep, anxiety and overall well being.

Amazing results...

As a Psychic Medium, there are very few people I would trust to work inside my mind. PJ's skill as a Past Life Therapist shows how professional, trustworthy and amazing she is. My past lives were not what I had Imagined but now that I know them, I have changed the way I view myself.

I recommend PJ to anyone who needs to look back in order to move forward with their life.

Sara King - Psychic Medium


I feel so peaceful...

I went and had four sessions in late 2013.  I will admit, I was a fraction sceptical, however all my fears about hypnotherapy where instantly put to rest.  I have never felt so comfortable, so peaceful, so rested and so in touch with my inner self in my whole life. I wish my sessions hadn't ended, and would highly recommend hypnotherapy with Ian to anyone!!!!

Dani. Orange NSW


I was sceptical at first...

When I decided to have hypnotherapy, I felt out of my depth and I didn't have a clue what to expect. After just one session, I felt like a completely different person. I wasn't anxious anymore and I felt like I was a lot more in control. The whole experience was life changing in a very subtle and gentle way..

I totally recommend Transform and hypnotherapy.

Laurie. Orange NSW

I travelled from Sydney to see PJ...

A few months ago I did a past life regression with PJ at Transform Clinical Hypnotherapy.

The experience was profound.I 'visited' several lives, each had great significance for me and revealed very much about my present life, the paths I've taken, the things I've gravitated towards throughout life, the strands I'm woven of, my circumstances and relationships of all kinds.

Thanks to PJ - a skilled facilitator of past life regression.

Jo, Syndey NSW

My Past life regression was amazing...

It is incredible to be able to go back into other lives and a totally different era as someone else, and be able to understand the effects of what we did, felt, thought and experienced then, has on our life now. PJ is a very special person to who I am so thankful to, for allowing me to experience something so amazing.

Belinda. Orange NSW


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