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Can Hypnotherapy really keep you cigarette free?

December 10, 2018

Are you making the same quit smoking new year resolution you made last year?


Are you sick of wasting money on patches and medication and not seeing results?


Have you tried to quit and found yourself buying another packet a few days or weeks later?






Within 6-12 hours your body has expelled almost all traces of nicotine, your blood oxygen level has increased to normal and your carbon monoxide levels have dropped to normal.

After 48 hours the nerve endings responsible for taste and smell begin to heal, giving your sense of taste and smell the ability to return after 7 days, leading to a heightened sense of smell and a vivid experience of taste.


3 Days after quitting breathing becomes clearer as your lungs are given the chance to heal and the mucus or “tar” is removed from your lungs. Breathing will become easier because your lung bronchial tubes, leading to air sacs have begun to relax, which makes things like exercise easier.


2 months after the cough and wheezing stops, your immune system has improved and blood flow to your hands and feet have increased.


Risk of coronary disease and cancer is almost halved after 12 months and only decreases with more years.


You can save your hip pocket nearly $15,000* per year!


*Based on a pack a day smoker at $40 per packet


Hypnotherapy with Transform is a life long guarantee. It will save you money, increase your health and quality of life.




What is hypnotherapy?


Hypnosis, also referred to as hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion, is a trance-like state in which you have a heightened focus and concentration, works on a subconscious level and is the most effective way to quit smoking. With more people successfully breaking the habit than any other treatment. And don’t worry- it’s nothing like you see on T.V. You won’t be clucking like a chicken and you have complete control.


Each smoker is individual with their habits so each session with Transform Clinical Hypnotherapy is individually catered to each client, replacing ‘habits’ with achievable goals.


With our Ditch The Durries Program, you automatically receive a lifetime guarantee, because we believe in you, if you go back to smoking at any time, we will see you for free.


To book in for your guaranteed quit smoking session, contact us at Transform Clinical Hypnotherapy on (02) 6362 8349 or on 0421 862 401.



Your health and hip pocket cannot wait any longer.


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Can Hypnotherapy really keep you cigarette free?

December 10, 2018

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