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Learn how to move forward from PTSD with Hypnotherapy

October 10, 2018


After a traumatic event, there are often strong feelings of fear, sadness, guilt, anger, or grief. As people begin to make sense of what has happened to them, these feelings usually begin to disperse. Most will recover quite quickly with the support of family and friends. For some people, a traumatic event can lead to mental health issues such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug use, as well as impacting on their relationships with family, friends, and at work.




Re-living the traumatic event through distressing, unwanted memories, vivid nightmares and/or flashbacks. This can also include feeling very upset or having intense physical reactions such as heart palpitations or being unable to breathe when reminded of the traumatic event.


Avoiding reminders of the traumatic event, including activities, places, people, thoughts or feelings that bring back memories of the trauma.


Negative thoughts and feelings such as fear, anger, guilt, or feeling flat or numb a lot of the time. A person might blame themselves or others for what happened during or after the traumatic event, feel cut-off from friends and family, or lose interest in day-to-day activities.


Feeling wound-up. This might mean having trouble sleeping or concentrating, feeling angry or irritable, taking risks, being easily startled, and/or being constantly on the lookout for danger.


How can hypnotherapy help?


Hypnotherapy has been proved to be highly effective in treating PTSD as it targets the root of the symptoms and not the symptoms alone.


We examine, on a subconscious level, the traumatic event and the wide array of emotions and negative beliefs surrounding it. Once we have examined exactly what is going on, these emotions and beliefs can be released and transformed.


You will be provided with multiple tools and resources to take back a sense of control which PTSD can take from you. One of these methods, called ego strengthening, will help you to make direct contact with the parts of yourself that are strong, wise and brave. This provides you with a physical anchor to enable you to explore and expand your own healing strength.


Hypnotherapy can be a powerful treatment for PTSD because it treats the issue at it's core: the triggers. Heal the triggers, heal the person.


Because hypnotherapy is primarily a method for accessing and treating the subconscious, it's perfect for PTSD and countless other issues that originate in some type of trigger or locked away memory.


Start moving forward from PTSD today with Transform Clinical Hypnotherapy.


Call 02 6362 8349 or 0421 862 401 to make an enquiry today.

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