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Why explore Past Life Regression?

September 11, 2018


Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life? Have you had recurring dreams, Deja Vu, repeated life patterns? Do you suffer phobias for no good reason, memories that have no origin in this life, do you remember people you have never met, or met someone you know from somewhere, yet have never met here before? Do you just know things? Past life regression could be your answer.


So what exactly is Past Life Regression?


Wikipedia explains Past Life Regression as “a technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories of past lives or incarnations. Past-life regression is typically undertaken either in pursuit of a spiritual experience, or in a psychotherapeutic setting.”


Why explore Past Life Regression?


Past Life Regression can be very beneficial and therapeutic, no matter what your belief or theory. It can help you overcome some obstacles that you may have been struggling to find answers to, as your subconscious mind uses the scenarios as a way of dealing with these issues to remove blocks. It can also be fascinating to discover just who you might have been, or where you might have come from. The actual experience of being regressed into a past life can be very interesting and fun, but you never know what you might find, and what experience you might go back into. Everything, though, is kept safe and calm during the regression in order for you to have a good experience. Each session is recorded on our sound system, with the addition of binaural beats for the rebalance of brain waves and wellbeing, this is complimentary and available when leaving the clinic.


We are passionate about guiding clients into self discovery, with our clients best interests at the forefront. Many people come to us with an idea of who they are yet need more insight, here, we can help them expand in fascinating exciting ways, whether through past lives or hypnosis, quantum healing, it’s a journey of a bigger picture of life. Something that the ancient ancestors knew and embraced. Now you can embrace that feeling and change.


What happens during a Past Life Regression session?


After a discussion about your intention for doing past life regression and the specific outcome you are wanting, you sit in a comfortable chair and are then guided through deep relaxation techniques and a guided meditation to relax your mind and body.


Once you are relaxed and your brainwaves have dropped into Alpha state (similar to daydreaming or meditating), you are guided back through your subconscious mind to become aware of positive memories from your childhood and then from there into a past life memory. You will be guided through that past life to look at who you were, what country/year it was, what occupation you held, your relationships, family and consider any issues that may need to be resolved that can free you up more in this lifetime. Once we have explored that life and looked at significant events, we move on to how you died, ("no need to worry, you don't feel it because you are detached and observe it from a safe distance."). You are then guided onto the next past life or back to the here and now.


Throughout the regression, you will be guided all the way and asked relevant questions. After your regression, we will discuss what you have experienced and have you fully grounded back into your body.


Call now to book in with PJ on 02 6362 8349 or 0421 862 401 to change your life today.


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