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Mind over matter - weightloss with hypnotherapy

August 16, 2018


Can mind over matter really help you to lose weight? You bet!


Mind over matter


Have you noticed that some things you have will power with, and somethings you don't?  We are all much the same in that regard.

And have you noticed those areas where you have a lot of willpower, these are high in your value system. You can tell those things are up there because you are always good at it, your always on top of it, your reliable and motivated.

Those areas in our lives where we have low will power, they are always low in our values system. You can tell they are down there because we will often use language like I am trying to do this. I am trying to do that.

The key to success and I mean long term success is about having that new lifestyle that serves us to be in alignment with our values. Our values and our associations are what drives our long term behaviour.


Hypnosis can help to make those changes to our automatic behaviour, but having the right mindset and strategies is where we maximise our long term results.

When you make a positive change you really need to know you will enjoy this change, this is the benefit of hypnotherapy in weight loss, it’s calm, enjoyable and relaxing.


Weight loss programs become a chore


When you sign up for a weight loss program, and you view it as a chore. You will not succeed. Why? Because you don't really want to do it!

You’ve tried dieting, along with every form of exercise that even remotely breaks a sweat, but still can’t ditch the weight. You’ve hired trainers, doctors, nutritionists. But there may be another professional you’re overlooking—one who holds the key to keeping your weaknesses from winning: a hypnotherapist.

You’re skeptical - I know. That’s because Hollywood has given us a very specific, and very inaccurate, portrait of what a hypnotist does and is capable of doing.

Let’s break that vision you have right now! Hypnotherapy is really just you telling yourself how you want you to be, whether it’s to sleep better, to lose weight, to drive on a highway at full speed between two trucks.

Why can’t you lose weight?


People have trouble losing weight for so many different reasons, and each person is different.


Here is just 5 reasons is why you may not be able lose weight.

1. Your relationship with food and food culture.
2. Your relationship with food and your emotions.
3. Your understanding of nutrition and your genetics.
4. Your self image.
5. Your relationship with exercise.

Do any of these resonate with you?


Hypnotherapy for weight loss


At Transform, our Hypnotherapy for weight loss program is practiced in a holistic way. Hypnotherapy alone, will not fix your weight issues - it will help your mindset and help alleviate any subconscious blocks you have.

We will help you to find out the subconscious reasoning behind your weight issues and rectify these. Then we can give you some recommendations for a nutritionist, dietitian and personal trainer if you would like us to.

All of these things together, will help bring you back to your optimum health (in body and mind) and weight.


Call today on 02 6362 8349 or 0421 862 401 to book in for your first session and start moving forward to a happier and healthier you.


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