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Quantum Healing

As an evolving progressive Hypnotherapy clinic, we believe in the power of alternate therapies, which give us an opportunity to advance our scope into a variety of fields including Delores Cannons Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. PJ has studied personally with Delores Cannon and can now offer the benefits to clients who are looking for something different, as well as alternate pathways to health. Through Delores' influence and unique teachings, PJ has taken the quantum healing aspect of hypnotherapy and introduced a unique side of healing the body for anyone who wants to know more and go further into their inner self. PJ is part of Delores Cannons world wide dedicated practitioner community and prides herself on her commitment to ongoing study and training in this field.!australianew-zealand/c10x9


Quantum healing is an advanced technique in hypnosis which is used to help the client release, heal and change for the better any internal conflict. Inner conflict happens when beliefs or value systems of the client doesn't agree with the higher or inner self. They are sometimes called ego parts, shadow aspects, aspect of oneself, sub-personalities, or subconscious parts. These parts each have their own idea or belief about the issue or illness at hand. The hypnotist (facilitator) guides the client in bringing forth these parts while the client is in hypnosis. The hypnotist will guide the client in internal dialog with their sub conscious parts and act as a mediator remaining objective. The hypnotist will stay neutral to locate the cause, negotiate and allow the clients sub conscious parts to agree on letting go and move forward. Thereby bringing into alignment all parts so they can release, forgive or replace an un-resourceful state with a new positive outcome using suggestion and imagery.


Dolores' technique involves inducing an individual to the Somnambulistic state of trance through visualization. A state which under ordinary circumstances is experienced only twice daily: the moment just before you become consciously awake and the moment just before you drift off and fall asleep. Historically, hypnotists have avoided conducting research with patients in this state because of the strange and often inexplicable results that are recorded.Not one to be limited by this disciplinary stigma, it was working with clients specifically in the Somnambulistic state and exploring the possibilities that led Dolores to discover that any individual can gain access to experiences of Past Lives they have lived. It was also exploring with clients in this state that she discovered an infinitely knowledgeable and powerful aspect of each individual that can be contacted and communicated with. This part of ourselves, as Dolores has learned, is always present with us and exists just below the surface of our conscious mind, so she appropriately chose to label it The Subconscious. The Subconscious is what gives her and practitioners of her QHHT technique access to past lives and performs instantaneous healings when appropriate. Over her 45-year career, her technique has proven to be effective on thousands of people all over the world regardless of their Age, Gender, Personality, Physical Symptoms, Religious Beliefs or Cultural Backgrounds. Supplementing the vast body of work Dolores has produced, the results experienced by QHHT Practitioners, students of Dolores who have learned her technique and practice it with their own clients, conclusively support the finding that we have all lived multiple Other Lives and we all have a Subconscious which contains the answers to any question we may have about ourselves or the life we are living.

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