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  • Have you tried to quit before?

  • Did you have just one, and couldn’t stop?

  • Were you sabotaged by friends, because they couldn’t give up?

  • Did you start gaining weight?

  • Did you find it hard to deal with the withdrawal effects?

  • What else?


Think about that ash tray smell that accompanies you wherever you go, think about how often you prepare in advance to have “smoke breaks” from work or sport, or shopping, how about when you finish an awesome meal and duck out, leaving everyone to talk while you’re outside puffing durries? Does it sometimes feel inconvenient that you are becoming a rare breed? Is it a pain to carry them around with you, packs are getting bigger in the promise that they cost less, but is this the truth, or are “they” just getting you to smoke more? Have you been meaning to see your Dr or look on the net for help to give up? And the big one…wait for it…drum roll…do the kids want to see you as a non-smoker? Hang on…there’s one more biggy…the cost, a pack a day, $10,920 a year, how does that equate to a little holiday at the beach? Smoke free of course.


The best part about our programme, we use a system which is unique to your situation, by removing common reasons for failure before it happens.


With our Ditch the Durries programme, you automatically receive a Lifetime Guarantee, because we are honest and simple. So, if you go back to smoking at any time, we will see you for free. Think of it as holding your hand and skipping down the path of clean smoke free living.

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