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We all know smoking is bad for your health and your pocket, so why do people continue to smoke? Why is smoking so difficult to give up? 70% of smokers want to stop, but they don’t. Why?


We are all different.


  • Some believe they will gain weight.

  • Some find the withdrawal period too hard.

  • Some use cigarettes to relieve stress.

  • Some don’t believe they can give up.

  • Some use cigarettes as a default programme.

  • Some simply like smoking.


Usually the most common reason is they are powerless to the control cigarettes have on each individual.


Most smoking is an unconscious effort, maybe after a meal, or accompanying alcohol, or even with certain mates that partake in the ritual. Most smokers only enjoy 4-5 cigarettes a day, the rest are consumed unconsciously, its a habit. It’s like driving, when you first started driving, your concentration was on the clutch and the gears, blinker, mirror etc, but after a while you go along eating or chatting, or listening to music, unconsciously going from place to place automatically operating your vehicle as you have done many times.


When you first started to smoke, it was a conscious decision, but after time, it becomes an unconscious act with little thought.

So unless you deal with each unique reason individually, you will not have any luck in quitting long term.



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